Success Stories & Testimonials

Dear Terry,
I got a job! Kasey is in college and happy as a clam. I’m not falling to pieces without her either! I want to thank you for your coaching and sound advice .You helped me find my way these last few years. I’m starting work on September as a teacher . I’m very excited about it as I think it will be challenging and creative. Thank you! Thank you!
– Sue

Dr. Mooney,
I hope you remember me. It has been a long time since I have seen you. I have many times wanted to send this sooner, but life gets in the way sometimes. I want to sincerely thank you so much for changing my life. After my divorce , I developed a new outlook on life. The last five years have been an incredible part of my life. I have had a great time building my relationship with my daughter. We have great friends to visit often and my family has been able to spend more time with us. We have taken trips together. We have been very happy and healthy.

I also have been able to accomplish many things I never thought possible. I have traveled, painted, and have been writing. I spend time in my nest and saved money too. I look back in wonder. I started going to a church. All these positive things started with you. I am grateful that you opened my life to things I never thought possible. I have often remembered how you told me to “pack my bags”. Although it was shocking at the time, the bags were to a trip of exciting adventures and endeavors. Thank you!
– Jenny

Dear Dr.Mooney,
I am a former client of yours. I sought your guidance years ago when I was experiencing a lot of stress over the end of a long term relationship and changing jobs and moving. You helped me a great deal and I think we only talked a total of three times! I have never forgotten some of things you said to me. You really helped me and I am very happily married with two small children.
– Amy

Hi Terry,
I was going through old records and found your name. You helped my husband and I back in 1988. We are still married too. You were the best marriage coach we saw. And funny. My husband had too many “rules” so you suggested he write them down. We still laugh about that “list of rules” today. M will say – that one is rule 187. So this is a blast from the past and a thank you for your help, Doc.
– Janet

Dear Terry,
Thank you for all of your coaching during the times we spoke. Your advice and support was great and continues to be very helpful. It got me through some trying times.
– Katie

Thank you very, very much! My time with you was so beneficial!
-Lisa L

Hello Dr.Mooney,
I thought that you would like to know how my daughter is doing these days. She graduated from Harwtick and has been working as an editor. She is on her own and affectionately remembers Dr.Mooney when we drive by your office on Western Ave. Thank you.
– Sincerely, Donna

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