Stop Smoking Now! CD
Guided imagery, hypnotic and behavior modification to help you stop smoking. “This CD will help you stop smoking without the need for costly medications,” W. Terrence Mooney, Ph.D.
Price: $19.95


Instant Stress Relief for Kids E-Book
Description: Parenting Advice and Coaching Book by The Pros for Parents and Professionals; Worksheets for Younger Children and Instant Stress Relief Journal. All included and instantly downloadable.
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Price: $37.00

Instant Stress Relief for Kids – Teen Edition E-Book
Kids Manual Must be Purchased (this is the accompaniment book to the Kids edition) “Coach Like A Pro” E-book and Take Action Today! Journal.
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Price: $7.95

Instant Stress Relief For Kids and Teens Hardcover Edition for Professional’s
(Both editions included)

Includes: Advice to Parents, Kid & Teen Manuals, Stress Management and Take Action Today! Manuals, Coaching Books, Worksheets for Younger Children, Motivational and Relaxation CD and stress management tools. [For Instructional Purposes]
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Price: $67.00