Coaching Services

Any aspect of life can be covered in coaching. It is not meant for people who suffer from a severe psychological disorder or need intensive psychotherapy. Although there may be some crossover between the two areas, they are vastly different.
Life coaching is a process where the the client uses his or her coach for the purpose of addressing one or more aspects of his or her life (i.e. a health or fitness goal, relationship, or a career issue). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal Or Relationship Coaching

Marital: Relationships add much to our lives. We are social creatures who, for the most part, are meant to live in packs. Therefore we live in pods, small or large. Inevitably couples will conflict within their family “pack”. This is not unusual or unhealthy but we need to be constructive and communicate with patience, understanding and respect. When we argue it is mostly about territory, the territory of money, sex or children. I have seen many couples over the years and have been married happily for forty but relationships will change . Coaching can help you approach your relationship in a new way and reinvigorate your lives together.

Significant Other: As a coach, I can help you  identify the obstacles and the behaviors that you need to change to renew your relational life or remove the patterns that have obstructed your ability to find your life partner. Trust my years of working with families and couples to enrich your interpersonal life.

Aging Adults:  The nest is empty. Perhaps you are pre-menapausel, nearing retirement and are lost, perhaps without direction. I have helped thousands of people who are having difficulties going through life’s natural aging process. Your life is not over; it is just a new chapter beginning!

Parenting and Children: The stress at weekday dinner, two careers, multiple demands on everyone’s time will lead to conflict .Time tested strategies to refocus  priorities and bring the family together can be addressed with my coaching. I can provide successful suggestions to  get you through the toddler years to adolescence.

Life Transition Coaching

Whether you are moving from one stage of life, (college to career), from one relationship to another, or are grieving the passing of a dear friend, relative or pet,  I can help you embrace the change, understand it and help you move gently forward. Life is full of passages1. Don’t go through them alone. Allow my experience to guide you smoothly through these trying times.

Healthy-Living & Fitness

Fitness: Fitness is what everyone’s goal should be. It is about staying healthy, stronger, more aerobically fit and flexible, and then incorporating it into your daily routines. Identify your goals and allow me to coach you to a healthier you.

Weight: Weight and body image is a huge issue for many people who struggle to keep the pounds off. It is something many people are embarrassed about and imposes risks to a person’s health. Together we can shape a plan for the motivated client to loose weight, regain their health, and return to a full life with exercise and activity.

Career: The average American will change jobs eleven times before they retire and many will change careers three or four times. Sometimes people work without purpose; they hate their chosen jobs and/or career path . This disillusionment will affect our lives. Stop! Think! Observe! Plan! And let me help.

  1. phrase from author Gail Sheehy