Halloween Starts the Holiday Binge

October 31st, 2013

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to those who enjoy the holiday of candy, sweet treats, and costumes. I have always been a fan of Halloween because I got the chance to pick through my kid’s trick-or-treat baskets and eat my favorite candies. Though perhaps that is not a good thing.

For many people Halloween starts the winter “feasting”. From the end of October through January, research has shown that this is the period where people tend to gain the most weight and eat the most unhealthy. I think it starts with Halloween as we begin the 1, 2, 3 of fast flying winter holidays.

Now I’m not saying you can’t enjoy a good candy bar or two, but try to keep things at a happy middle. Get out to the gym, do your regular exercise (or maybe more if you are like me and tend to have a sweet tooth). You don’t want to be one in the crowd who cringes come January 01 and makes their New Year’s Resolution to lose all the weight gained over the holidays.

So while you watch whatever scary movies you enjoy (I recommend the great black and white classics!) keep my friendly words of advice in mind!

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Dr.Mooney is a life coach, published author, co-director and owner of Karner Psychological Associates (KPA), which was established in 1987, with offices in Guilderland, East Greenbush, and Clifton Park. He has worked with numerous well-known companies, including General Electric, Freihofer's, Key Bank, St.Peters Hospital, and more.

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