QIB: The Power of Imagination

August 1st, 2013
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
– Albert Einstein

I watched my two children grow up playing tons of imaginary games. My daughter was always extremely imaginative, playing for hours with her toys and friends. I am not the most imaginative person, but I am able to appreciate the power of imagination. It is still hard for me to fathom how my daughter did it (and still does it). When she was younger she created these incredible words with her friends, elaborate fantasy tales that I could never hope to fully understand and still today, she created nothing from a blank canvas and writes stories of people who never existed and brings them to life.

Imagination does exist in all of us (albeit, stronger in some than others), but we all need to not only appreciate it, but try and use it. As I have said, imagination takes a myriad of forms, but it is another level of the brain. I encourage everyone to try and take a moment to use that part of your brain. Give it a good stretch, because it is important, and you never know how it will help you. Everyone should be able to think from a new perspective and in new ways. For those of you gifted with easy access, keep going! And for everyone else, myself included, try to develop it.

Q.I.B. is short for “quote-inspired blog”.

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Dr.Mooney is a life coach, published author, co-director and owner of Karner Psychological Associates (KPA), which was established in 1987, with offices in Guilderland, East Greenbush, and Clifton Park. He has worked with numerous well-known companies, including General Electric, Freihofer's, Key Bank, St.Peters Hospital, and more.

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